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Your innovation process is backward

Does your new product development process begin with “Generate Idea” on the left, perhaps with a light-bulb icon? Whose idea is it – yours…or your customers? Maybe focusing on your own ideas is wrong! Do you start with your own solutions to assumed customer needs? Talking to the VP of R&D of a well-known Canadian company recently, […]

Process or output?

I often meet directors and vice presidents who question their product development process (PDP) or Stage-Gate. They blame failure to bring innovation to the market on poor process. These C-suites (often very well-educated individuals) tend to forget just one thing: To innovate you must take action! How many product development projects are currently (sitting) in […]

Innovation pitfalls

The innovation pathway hides many pitfalls. Here is choice of actions or omissions which will guarantee “The Poor Innovation Management Prize”: Do not communicate with employees about innovation objectives, goals, etc. Make clear to staff that innovation is the task of R&D only and everyone else should just ‘work’…and not think! Give R&D even more money! […]