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Design thinking brings clean drinking water to India

In 2007, Paul Polak established Windhorse International, a private company with the goal of creating social ventures benefitting 100 million people or more. The first project of this innovative company was Spring Health, aimed at bringing clean drinking water to underserved populations in India. The idea was to sell clean and healthy water from tanks […]

Innovation Engine

How do you develop the right product for the future today? This is not an easy task, so many companies simply throw as many features as possible on to the product and hope for the best. This method is of course ineffective and not economically sound. Luckily, there is a better way. Innovative companies launch […]

What Is Design Thinking and Who Thought of It?

Design Thinking: The latest Innovation Process. So what Is Design Thinking and who thought of it? Design thinking is a creative process which focuses on solutions instead of problems. It combines contextualizing problems, generating insights and executing solutions. While scientific thinking concentrates first on all the possible problems, design thinking focuses on problems and solutions […]