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Design thinking and a $25 incubator: A case study

Students at the Stanford d. school were challenged to design a less expensive incubator for babies born prematurely in Nepal. The students traveled to Nepal to meet with families and doctors and see the problem for themselves. During the trip, they were exposed to the angst of parents who were not able to save their […]

Design thinking brings clean drinking water to India

In 2007, Paul Polak established Windhorse International, a private company with the goal of creating social ventures benefitting 100 million people or more. The first project of this innovative company was Spring Health, aimed at bringing clean drinking water to underserved populations in India. The idea was to sell clean and healthy water from tanks […]

Kill the stage-gate process

Recently, during a Design Thinking workshop, attendants started to talk about the issues facing their organizations. It did not take long for the stage-gate process to be the main topic under discussion. Some mentioned that they were considering killing the stage-gate process since they found it too bulky, too complicated and a big time-waster for […]

10 Tips for Running a Successful Design Thinking Session

We’ve discussed the many merits of design thinking, and now it’s time to get started on your very own design thinking session. Doing this for the first time can be daunting, especially if staff is not yet on board with the process. We’ve collected some practical tips for running a successful brainstorming session, which will […]

Lippincott: A culture of innovation through design thinking.

When the CEO of the company that invented the Coca-Cola swirl and the Starbucks logo agrees to share some of his secrets, we should all listen carefully. Rick Wise of Lippincott writes about how his company melds creativity and practicality to make the most out of the design thinking approach. Wise’ first strategy is to […]

Design Thinking. Design what?

A short video (3 minutes) that clearly explains what is Design Thinking. As suggested, the 1 + 5 steps process is describded: 1. Set up a creative working environment 2. Talk to your stakeholders (i.e. users, distributors, customers, etc.) and create the empathy map 3. Define the problem 4. Start to generate ideas to solve […]

Why you should invest in product strategy

You’ve developed a great new product and are ready to launch it to the world. Any good business strategist will tell you that before you launch, you need a product strategy. A product strategy is defined by businessdictionary.com as “a plan for marketing a good that is founded upon an analysis of the nature of […]

Can Innovation Make Money? Yes with the help of Design Thinking.

A famous saying quoted by many CEOs is that “gambling, divorce and innovation are the best ways to lose money.” But recently, businesses have started to see the benefits of design thinking for making money through innovation. CEOs start to see that design thinking leads to happier customers, which of course leads to more sales. […]

Bringing Design Thinking into Your Organization

Bringing Design Thinking into Your Healthcare Organization Healthcare organizations like the Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble and GE Healthcare are integrating design thinking into their company culture, in order to boost innovation and bottom lines. A 2003 Danish Design Center study showed that over a five-year period, companies using design thinking had a 40% revenue […]

How to use empathy as part of a design thinking approach?

In the twentieth century, much emphasis was put on introspection: the process of looking inwards to understand ourselves. In this century, people are instead focusing outwards, trying to develop empathy toward other individuals and groups. Empathy is a useful concept for living a better life, solving political concepts and dreaming up more creative business ideas. […]