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6 tools for conducting Voice of the Customer studies

How do your customers feel about your product? What innovation would make your product a real game-changer? What is preventing the product from being truly excellent? These questions are extremely important for any business looking to innovate. We’ve already explained that the most effective way to find answers is through a process called Voice of […]

Why the automotive industry needs to innovate to keep customers happy

These days, 55% of consumers say they won’t buy a car if it doesn’t have the technology they want. Car purchasing is no longer about the vehicle’s performance. Instead, customers are more interested in futuristic features which make the car more than a run-of-the-mill vehicle. Think safety features such as collision-avoidance systems, blind-spot warnings and […]

Stakeholder mapping as a springboard to innovation

An excellent product or service best serves all the people who interact with it. The majority of these people may be customers, but other stakeholders may include business owners, employees, investors, partner organizations, suppliers and a particular community. When you list all of your product’s stakeholders and map out the interplay between the groups you […]

The search for the perfect Customer Experience is killing innovation

Proponents of big data leverage it to connect to customers and respond to their needs. The way they do this is by surveying as many customers as possible and – based on those surveys – defining what works and what doesn’t. Big data can indeed provide some insights into customer behavior and needs, but it doesn’t have the ability […]

Design thinking brings clean drinking water to India

In 2007, Paul Polak established Windhorse International, a private company with the goal of creating social ventures benefitting 100 million people or more. The first project of this innovative company was Spring Health, aimed at bringing clean drinking water to underserved populations in India. The idea was to sell clean and healthy water from tanks […]