Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why innovate? 8 reasons to convince you!

Theses days the “i” word is used in many ways. Still, innovation is the best way to get noticed and grow your business. So why should you innovation? To survive To flee the red ocean To increase profit margins To take advantage of new opportunities To renew with growth To improve business revenues To be different […]

Innovation is about unreasonable hypothesis!

Most business consultants tend to focus on the “how” (i.e. Processes, tools, pratices, etc.). At Triode we try to focus on the “What”. What is needed in the market? What if your current customers did not need our product or service anymore? With a disruptive hypothesis, you don’t make a reasonable prediction like “if I […]

Why did Google suspend Google Glass?

Wearable tech is a much talked-about trend, but the demise of Google Glass would seem to suggest that it’s not here just yet. Google Glass is an internet-connected eyewear that was tested and marketed for two years. In January, Google announced that it would stop marketing the product to consumers and focus on creating a […]

Stakeholder mapping as a springboard to innovation

An excellent product or service best serves all the people who interact with it. The majority of these people may be customers, but other stakeholders may include business owners, employees, investors, partner organizations, suppliers and a particular community. When you list all of your product’s stakeholders and map out the interplay between the groups you […]

How Design Thinking and Customer Journey are related?

One of the key principles of design thinking is that it is customer-based. Before attempting to innovate a product which will best serve your customer, it’s important to understand how a potential customer becomes an actual customer, and how he interacts with your brand throughout the entire process. There are several touchpoints in the customer […]