Monthly Archives: January 2015

The search for the perfect Customer Experience is killing innovation

Proponents of big data leverage it to connect to customers and respond to their needs. The way they do this is by surveying as many customers as possible and – based on those surveys – defining what works and what doesn’t. Big data can indeed provide some insights into customer behavior and needs, but it doesn’t have the ability […]

Design thinking and a $25 incubator: A case study

Students at the Stanford d. school were challenged to design a less expensive incubator for babies born prematurely in Nepal. The students traveled to Nepal to meet with families and doctors and see the problem for themselves. During the trip, they were exposed to the angst of parents who were not able to save their […]

Healthcare Provider Consolidation

In the last decade, we have seen a trend of healthcare provider consolidation, in addition to the trend of increasing regulation we spoke about in a previous post. In order to provide higher quality care at lower costs, hospitals are being acquired by major healthcare organizations and physicians are joining these larger organizations. The stricter […]