Monthly Archives: December 2014

Design thinking brings clean drinking water to India

In 2007, Paul Polak established Windhorse International, a private company with the goal of creating social ventures benefitting 100 million people or more. The first project of this innovative company was Spring Health, aimed at bringing clean drinking water to underserved populations in India. The idea was to sell clean and healthy water from tanks […]

Effectiveness trumps efficiency

When you observe and interact directly with your customer, you get much richer information than with a simple survey. It’s true that this requires more effort on your part, but it is ultimately a much more effective way of gathering data and will help you reach real innovation. Companies who choose efficiency over effectiveness are […]

What are the major trends in Medical Devices and Healthcare for 2015?

  Patrick Sirois At Triode, we specialize in developing new products and services for complex industries like medical devices and transportation. We work with you closely to help define product strategy, with an emphasis on reducing the risks associated with innovating in these sophisticated and often regulated consumer-oriented environments.    

How to succeed in the fuzzy front end

Everything you do before starting an innovation project is called the “front end.” Some call this the fuzzy front end…because they’re unsure of what should happen. Most managers have a tendency to manage the fuzzy front end like all other phases, with impatience and expectations of quick results.   In order to successfully manage the […]