Monthly Archives: September 2014

5 tips for creating a strong product strategy

The “old school” way of creating a product strategy is to perform market research and business analysis and then put together a well-planned document that describes the steps to be taken in order to produce the product. Today, however, product development is much more dynamic. A good product strategy focuses on a small number of key […]

Innovation: How to become fast and furious

These days most companies are actually technology companies. Think connected watches, driver less cars and automated assembly lines. And in technology, speed is the name of the game; the quicker a company can innovate and produce a product the better it fares in competition with others in the same industry. If you are responsible for […]

Lippincott: A culture of innovation through design thinking.

When the CEO of the company that invented the Coca-Cola swirl and the Starbucks logo agrees to share some of his secrets, we should all listen carefully. Rick Wise of Lippincott writes about how his company melds creativity and practicality to make the most out of the design thinking approach. Wise’ first strategy is to […]

Innovation Engine

How do you develop the right product for the future today? This is not an easy task, so many companies simply throw as many features as possible on to the product and hope for the best. This method is of course ineffective and not economically sound. Luckily, there is a better way. Innovative companies launch […]