Monthly Archives: August 2014

User Research: Tips for better design inputs

I am always fascinated by how little companies know about their customers. Lack of knowledge about customers’ wants and needs is especially prevalent in B2B and B2B2C businesses. In a Business to Business model, knowing what your customer wants and, more importantly, knowing what your clients’ customers want, will lead to a better understanding of the market […]

Product strategy: Why is usability testing important?

How often have you purchased a new product and had trouble figuring out how to use it? How many products do you have in your home whose myriad functions you barely take advantage of? When a product is easy to use, we barely notice, but when it’s hard to use it can be really frustrating. […]

Voice of the Customer in the healthcare industry

We’ve been talking about Voice of the Customer and how it can glean insights which help improve and innovate products and services. But who are the customers when we talk about healthcare? Actually, there are two types of customers. Despite the fact that in many healthcare systems, patients do not pay directly to care providers, […]