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Design Thinking: Case study from the healthcare industry.

A case study from the healthcare industry at Mayo Clinic Design thinking is a vital tool in fostering innovation and delivering services which make the consumer feel good about his or her experience. The Mayo Clinic has an entire lab devoted to utilizing design thinking for improving people’s interactions with the healthcare system. The Mayo […]

Six top medtech trend insights 2014

Article from Medical Device Business  From a zipper-like wound closure device that can be peeled off at home to a telemedicine robot, there are plenty of ingenious devices included as finalists in this year’s Medical Design Excellence Awards. It is worth noting, however, that the array of finalists reflect many of the major trends presently taking place in the […]

Who are the product managers?

Product management is an organizational lifecycle function within a company dealing with the planning, forecasting, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle. A product manager investigates, selects and drives the development of products performing the activities of product management. While the function of product manager is still in its infancy in some organisations, most large […]

The 5 principles of Design Thinking

The 5 principles of Design Thinking for better product / service strategy A survey of CEOs revealed that 80% of them thought they were delivering excellent service to their customers but only 8% of the customers agreed with them! This is likely because business people often define customer service as problem solving, and despite the […]

What Is Design Thinking and Who Thought of It?

Design Thinking: The latest Innovation Process. So what Is Design Thinking and who thought of it? Design thinking is a creative process which focuses on solutions instead of problems. It combines contextualizing problems, generating insights and executing solutions. While scientific thinking concentrates first on all the possible problems, design thinking focuses on problems and solutions […]