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7 Recent Medical Device Failures Catching FDA’s Eye | Qmed

Inadequate instructions, component issues, and assembly errors—those are but some of the causes behind recent medical device recalls and serious warnings announced by the FDA. Here are some of the major medical device failure events since January: 7 Recent Medical Device Failures Catching FDA’s Eye | Qmed.

Service design explained (vimeo)

A short animation explaining the basics of service design by Yosef Shuman. Why was this made? Service design is based on research, developing ideas and testing experiences. Triode is a consulting firm specialized in product strategy. We help our clients to reduce delay and risks in product development with a better understanding and identification of customers […]

Innovation starts with a question

Want to innovate? Start by asking questions… and make sure you listen. Ask questions to your customers … you may find new opportunities! Ask about your product / service. Understanding your customers and their behavior is crucial. We often strive to get inside their minds to understand what they buy and how they buy it. […]

Marketer as anthropologist

Originally posted on Mitchell Osak Online:
Many companies prioritize learning customer needs above any other marketing activity so that they can create better products and service experiences. Typically, marketers will use traditional qualitative techniques like focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews. Unfortunately, these tools often fail to generate breakthrough insights. Standard qualitative methods are good…

Meet five MedTech Influencers

Very interesting slideshow posted by MDDI last week: It’s not just Obamacare that is influencing the medical devices world. These five individuals and organizations are also changing our industry and how we perceive it. View Five MedTech Influencers you should know (slideshow) here.