How to innovate? An inspiration source from Intuit.

Suzanne Pellican, chief design strategist for Intuit Small Business Group, presented at a Back End of Innovation 2013 a few weeks ago in Mountain View, California.

Over the last five years Intuit has knitted innovation into the core fabric of the company using Intuit’s innovation driving process “Design for Delight” aka “D4D.” Using design theory as an innovation process through their D4D approach, the company has created an organic innovation culture.

D4D doesn’t just give customers what they ask for, it aims to go far beyond their expectations – seeking inspiration from many different places, from comparable industries to extreme perspectives. Training over 180 Innovation Catalysts within their organizations where these sparks of innovation has helped facilitate the D4D behaviors across Intuit’s 10, 000 employees all across the globe.

Check out Pellican’s BEI 2013 presentation below:

Which action can you take from Intuit’s practice and and implement in your company?

Patrick Sirois

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